Avoid Shark Attacks

Direct Eye Contact can deter a Shark from attacking YOU

WARNING This VIDEO contains graphic images of shark attack victims, viewer discretion is advised.

I.S.A.F. (International Shark Attack File Organisation) official statistics show that shark attacks are on the increase. Some dive operators however, downplay the risk from sharks, ridiculing the idea that a diver will be attacked. I believe this is irresponsible, shark attacks might be rare, but the risk is real. While shark attacks are uncommon, when they do happen, the results are horrifying.

Like most predators, sharks use stealth and surprise to attack their victim, generally from behind. Which is why most shark attack survivor’s report never seeing the shark that bit them.

The ‘Sharkproof’ mask strap was inspired by the eyes Park Rangers paint on the back of their helmets to deter tigers from attacking them in the jungles of India. Sharks, like tigers and most other predators, use stealth and surprise to attack their victim, generally from behind. This is where the innovative Sharkproof mask strap could can help protect you. The strap has penetrating shark eyes printed on the back, which could be enough to convince an approaching shark that it has been spotted.

This is supported by scientists and shark experts who say, sharks seem to be very aware of a diver’s eyes, simply being seen before contact is made can cause a shark to abort an attack.

While the product claim of helping to deter sneak shark attacks is supported by scientific evidence and shark experts, it is vital that you follow safe diving practice and adhere to diving regulations and or the advice of a dive leader. Be warned, if you antagonize or entice a shark you risk serious injury and nothing will make you sharkproof! I believe diving with sharks is a privilege, and an encounter with one of these magnificent predators an experience never to be forgotten. Many divers/snorkelers can dive their whole lives and never get to see a shark, if you are lucky enough to encounter one, stay calm, relax and enjoy the moment!

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