How Scuba Divers can avoid Shark Attacks

If you’re a scuba diver and are wondering how a simple mask strap can possibly deter a shark attack, then read on.

It’s instinctive, the fear that ‘something’ is creeping up behind us. This primitive fear is ‘hard-wired’ into the human psyche. Thousands of years of evolution has programmed us into being wary of an attack from behind. Hollywood movies play on this fear, how many times have you wanted to shout ‘look out behind you’ as you watch a victim unaware of the killer behind them?

For a scuba diver this fear is more real, your mask gives you a limited field of vision and as you are out of your environment, you are vulnerable.

Even if you are a confident, experienced scuba diver, your subconscious mind knows there is a risk. The fact is most predators attack from behind. This serves two purposes, the first is, not being seen means their prey is taken by surprise and is unlikely to escape. The second is to avoid the possibility of injury should their intended victim fight back.

Rolf Williams, a world renowned shark expert, advises that if a scuba diver is investigated by a shark, you should maintain eye contact at all times: let the shark know you are fully aware it is there and you can’t be caught off guard.

Scientists and shark experts agree that sharks seem to be very aware of a scuba diver’s eyes, simply being seen before contact is made may cause a shark to abort an attack.

The Sharkproof mask strap is a simple way for a scuba diver or snorkelor to have eyes in the back of their head.
The design is based on the eyes of a shark. When you see a scuba diver wearing the mask strap underwater, you will notice how the eyes stand out.

Any approaching shark would be left in no doubt it had been spotted by the scuba diver.

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