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I’ve been fascinated by Sharks since I was a child. Especially Shark attacks on divers. Hans and Lottie Hass and Ron and Valerie Taylor were my absolute heroes. I’ll never forget seeing Valerie being bitten by a small shark. Surprisingly calm she climbed back on the boat showed her injury to the cameraman. It was a shockingly deep gash and blood literally pumped from it.

It didn’t put me off diving with sharks, in fact far from it, I love diving with sharks and I’ve been lucky enough to dive with these magnificent creature in many parts of the world.  Perhaps the most exciting dive was in the Coral Sea of Australia. This was with Mike Ball expeditions, the shark dive at ‘Scuba Zoo’ was staggering. Hundreds of sharks turned up, including some huge Silvertips, beautiful streamlined animals. There was a real feeding frenzy and I’ll never forget the sight of green blood clouding the water. Later on we went tuna fishing and all we managed to land were heads as the sharks took the body before you could get the fish into the boat. The whole trip was a joy and if you get the chance you really must dive the Yongala wreck, simply the most incredible dive I’ve ever experienced. The fish here are all on steroids, if you want to see a Grouper the size of a VW Beetle, then make your way to Cairns in Queensland and book a trip, it’s the dive of a lifetime.

I even created a TV commercial featuring sharks for a wallpaper adhesive company. To prove the incredible sticking power of the glue we stuck a man to a board and suspended him over a shark feeding frenzy. Sadly there was no frenzy and very few sharks, but nothing a clever edit couldn’t put right. You can view the ad below.


I came up with the idea for Sharkproof mask strap after reading an article in National Geographic about park rangers in India. To protect themselves from attacks from Tigers, they paint eyes on the back of their helmets. Tigers like all predators prefer ambush attacks as it poses less risk to them if they can overpower their victim without being seen. After researching sharks, I discovered that they avoid eye contact with humans and numerous shark experts say that a shark will abort an attack if it believes it has been spotted. Funnily enough a number of dive operators have dismissed the concept, which is hardly surprising on the basis they want you to downplay the risk of a shark attacking you. While rare sharks do attack people, so my attitude is why take unnecessary risks? After all we will buy a lottery ticket knowing the chances of winning are remote, but hey someone has to win.
If you’d like to know more you can contact me at al@sharkproof.tv

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