Red Sea Shark Attacks

70 year old woman killed by shark in front of the Hayat Regency Hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh

A shark killed a 70-year-old German woman today. The attack happened in the sea directly in front of the Hayat Regency Hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh.
This is the second fatality due to shark attack in Egypt this year and follows a spate of attacks in the past few weeks.
The Egyptian Environment Ministry had claimed earlier in the week to have caught the sharks implicated in the attacks.
They displayed the sharks, a 7 foot Mako shark weighing 330 pounds and an 8 feet long Oceanic White Tip, weighing 550 pounds. The sharks were taken to Ras Mohammed Conservation Center to be dissected to see if there were any human remains inside.
Local divers who had seen the shark before the attack were adamant that the captured sharks were not the animals involved in the attacks. Even so the beaches were reopened and declared safe by the authorities.

Authorities claimed to have caught 'killer shark'

Mohammed Salem, director of Sinai Conservation said in an interview, “Usually these kinds of sharks don’t attack human beings but sometimes they have trouble with their nervous system and they accidentally go after people.”
In January of this year a French woman who was snorkeling in the Red Sea near Marsa Alam was attacked and killed by an unidentified shark. At the time the authorities blamed the woman for the attack, claiming: ‘This very rarely happens. It seems that the victim aggravated the shark or presented it with food, which caused a change in the shark’s behaviour,’
This latest fatal attack prompted tourism Minister Zoheir Garranah to order all beaches near Egypt’s Red Sea resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh be closed to the public and all maritime activities–including diving–be halted until the authorities could capture the shark.
One thing is for sure, a shark will be caught very soon, whether it’s the ‘killer’ remains to be seen, but the authorities cannot afford to close down one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for watersports.
If someone else is killed, I wonder what excuse the authorities will dream up next?

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